Quest Experience Lab

The Quest Experience Lab drives innovation in learning by leveraging technology and human-centred design. The Quest App provides Students and Trainers with a comprehensive digital platform for anywhere, anytime learning, while the Innovation lab provides a space for collaborative innovation.

Incubating the
Innovation Lab

Great ideas can come from anywhere, and at any time. The Quest Innovation Lab is designed as a platform that brings together actors from across the Quest Ecosystem - employees, partners, learners, trainers and institutional leaders - to solve problems and challenges in the learning ecosystem. The collaborative will work to identify key challenges to learning and brainstorm for solutions; identify innovative ideas and accelerate the best ones through rapid experimentation, prototyping, and testing with learners; institutionalise the ones that show promise so that they can be extended across the ecosystem, and create an inventory of innovation for the future. 

From App to

The Quest App has been a constantly improving and expanding learning system that was initially designed to cater to the needs of student learners. Over the past year, the app was extended to Trainer learners as well, providing a common platform for all types of learners and learning. In order to further enhance the abilities of the platform, the Quest App is undergoing a re-architecture exercise to transition to a modular design. This would give us the ability to integrate with other learning apps and platforms more easily, and reduce costs and time needed for development. It will enable learners on the app to access a far wider and richer set of learning material from across the world. It will also allow learners from other learning ecosystems to benefit from the continuously improving and extending learning resources on the Quest App, potentially opening up the possibility of a ‘global village of learning’.

Learning Engine

At Quest, we strive to help young people become self-learners as we equip them with 21st-century skills. Different learners have different needs and aspirations. We believe that learners will thrive if they get to choose what and how they learn by allowing them to place themselves in the centre of their learning journeys. The Personalized Learning engine is being designed to provide learners with an opportunity to define their needs and aspirations and undergo a personalised learning journey on the Quest App.

Collaborations for Digital Skilling

In our second year of partnership with the Government of Haryana, we are helping them onboard 1 lakh+ learners from private and government ITIs onto the Quest App to continue their employability skills training amidst the global pandemic. We have also enabled 2k+ trainers to engage in digital learning and helped build their capacity to support learners in their virtual learning journey. We are continuously striving to improve the Quest App experience that allows for scale and customisation to cater to the needs of different learning ecosystems.


“Quest App is really good as it not only enhances my knowledge but also helps me to improve my English communication skills. This app not only helped me learn any time anywhere but also helped me to understand the importance of skill development. Agar kisiko pta nhi h ki Quest app kya hai, then please ap ek baar ise use kar ke dekhiye aap ko bahut kuch sikhne ko milega.”

Astha Prajapati, Office Management English, NSTI Jaipur